A Nation to Nation Dialogue

A Nation to Nation Dialogue

Across the country communities and individuals are gardening, gathering, cooking, and sharing food, in a movement to reclaim cultures, identities, and connections to our food systems. These actions reflect many of the hopes of food sovereignty: to link production with consumption; to act as stewards of the land; and to be participants in our food systems. Each of these food stories is different, just as the people, cultures, and geographies of those stories are unique.

There is a tremendous opportunity for us to learn from each other.

The Indigenous Food Sovereignty Summit was designed to be a nation-to-nation gathering. Each of the five First Nations will be represented at the Summit, so that people and place can connect, and so that stories will be shared to extend learning across nations. It is the hope that the Summit will be of interest to non-Indigenous nations; learning about this important food movement should extend into all nations. It is a reminder that water, food, sky, and soil connects us all. And that to truly relate to each other we must make the effort to understand Indigenous cultures. This is a way of life. We are all nations looking for food sovereignty. This is a gathering for everyone.



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