Cheryl Sobie

I am currently a MA student specializing in Human Geography at the University of Manitoba. My research interests are based in understanding and explaining particular environmental health inequities.  My focus is to uncover how place affects health through in-depth multi-method inquiry into interactions between people and their lived environments. I am interested in developing an approach to inquiry that draws on feminist, emotional, and postcolonial geography as they pertain to Aboriginal health related research.

After exploring alternate career opportunities and educational interests I found myself back at the University of Manitoba in the fall of 2009 where I joined the Department of Environment and Geography to pursue a Bachelor of Environmental Studies. My undergraduate honours thesis research, advised by Dr. Jeff Masuda, explored food insecurity in Winnipeg from the perspective of low-income Aboriginal single mothers and their food provisioning experiences. To conduct this research I was fortunate to establish a relationship with the community at Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc., which has enabled me to conduct my research with women who attend the programming. As part of my upcoming graduate studies research project, we will continue to build on the findings from my undergraduate thesis research to further scrutinize the health effects of food insecurity experienced by Aboriginal women in Winnipeg neighbourhoods through a community based action research project.  The purpose of our research will be to asses community level food insecurity using a multiplicity of participatory creative methodologies to enable a more in-depth analysis of foodscape environments and experiences women encounter during their food journeys.

In addition to pursuing my research goals, I am passionate about communicating and advocating for social justice issues including feminism, animal rights, and urban heath inequities.  In my spare time I enjoy practicing hot yoga, gardening, baking and reading.

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