Mohammad Rony

Mohammad Rony, is currently continuing his Masters degree with the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Manitoba. He is working on Brand management of social enterprise for the Northern Manitoba’s First Nations communities. He is also focusing on community economic development, sustainable  business model and community branding. He is now   developing a social business model for Garden Hill First Nations, Manitoba to ensure economic activities in that community with MGS, UMGF and MAFRA funding. His previous study on Business Administration and  extensive knowledge on founding & managing Green enterprises, triggered his research interest on brand management and social business concept. Mr. Rony is a professional film maker and doing business on green and recycled products. Recently he completed a film on sustainable livelihoods, women empowerment and green micro credit program which was a Canada- Bangladesh joint production. As a self motivated person, He likes to adapt and play with creative & demanding ideas. Mr. Rony also likes to meet new people and have a passion of traveling and writing articles for newspapers, weeklies and making programs for electronic media.

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