Doug Ramsey

Doug Ramsey is an Associate Professor in the Department of Rural Development at Brandon University. He has three research areas: agricultural restructuring, rural tourism, and community well-being.

Since working on farms as a kid he has had an interest in agricultural restructuring. He turned this passion into research for his master’s research at Memorial University of Newfoundland in the early 1990s. Living there during the Northern Cod Moratorium, it may have seemed unusual to examine agricultural development, yet the province was looking for new rural economies at that time. And the moratorium provided a new benchmark for all that was wrong in how the rural economies of Canada function.

Doug’s PhD research centred on the impacts of public policy and macroeconomic condition on tobacco farmers in southern Ontario. While not seemingly a fit with MAFRA, the notion of the impacts of external forces on farm families does. He has carried through this focus on agricultural and rural restructuring since taking up his current position at Brandon University in 1999.

Doug became interested in MAFRA as there is currently a movement to develop community gardens in Brandon. At the same time, he has supported the local farmers markets in Brandon since his arrival. It just seemed a natural fit to develop this into an academic research interest.

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