Paul Fieldhouse

Dr. Paul Fieldhouse is a Nutrition Policy & Research Analyst for Manitoba Health in addition to being involved with the Northern Healthy Food Initiative. He has been interested in and working towards food security for a long time, and was invited to participate in the original SSHRC grant application. His research focuses on school nutrition, including studying the impact of provincially-mandated school nutrition policy and a pilot school fruit and vegetable snack program. The latter is intended to promote fruit and vegetable consumption in schools where the schools are encouraged to procure food from local producers and distributors. The programs are meant to enhance rural economic development and community development.

His interest in the food movement centres on how people decide what to eat: factors that affect all of society, mediators that pre-edit food choice, and the personal influences on individual choice such as culture, moral beliefs, health and personal preference. He is a keen gardener and has been involved with Community Supported Agriculture in Manitoba.

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