Peter Kulchyski

Dr. Kulchyski grew up in Northern Manitoba and was one of the few non-Aboriginal students to attend a government-run residential high school. He pursued his studies achieving his PhD at York University. He is now a professor in the Department of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba. His research interests include Aboriginal cultural politics, political development in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, contemporary critical theory, land claims and self-government, and Inuit history and performance studies. Dr. Kulchyski has published a number of books on such themes and in 2006 received the Isbister Prize for best non-fiction book in Manitoba for his book Like the Sound of a Drum. He is also an instructor for the Pangnirtung Summer School that focuses on contemporary Inuit cultural politics and environmental issues. Dr. Peter Kulchyski is a board member of the Canadian Journal of Native Studies as well as a board member of New Directions, Winnipeg.

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