Ryan Brook

Assistant Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Ryan Brook is a wildlife health ecologist who is involved in community-based ecosystem monitoring and research to help address locally important wildlife and environmental change concerns in rural and remote communities. Some of this research centers on Chronic Wasting disease and bovine TB in elk, deer and cattle in Canada. He is part of the CircumArtic Rangifer Monitoring and Assessment Network to improve and maintain the health of reindeer and caribou. In addition, he is part of the Senior Personnel of the Indigenous Land Management Institute at the University of Saskatchewan.

He is a co-investigator on the original MAFRA proposal and his transdisciplinary research, utilizing both ecological and social research, and involving collaborations with scientists in veterinary medicine, biology, environment, law, and geography makes him ideally suited to be researching the transdisciplinary topic of food. He is interested in the food movement because it highlights the important connections between wildlife and people. Wildlife are food but the connections are typically much more, with important cultural and spiritual connections as well. He believes that rural and aboriginal youth have much to contribute to the issues of food security and must be supported with training and opportunities to ensure that as they transition from pre-school to university they have the necessary tools to communicate, think critically, and be passionate about their community and their environment.

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