Call for Proposals

Grant Criteria

MAFRA will be awarding a total of $60,000 to 2012 community projects that are chosen in the areas of Rural, Northern, Urban and Cross Regional/Broader Topics. Applications are due by January 15, 2012 (midnight CST).  If you are having difficulty filling out the application or have any questions, please contact us at:, 204-297-0100 or 204-474-9316 (1-866-580-8160).

There is a list of answers to frequently asked questions here.

 Project Requirements (Mandatory):

  • Most if not all of the proposed work needs to take place in Manitoba.
  • This is a small grant proposal.  We will provide between $500 and $7000 per project. MAFRA can provide advice and guidance, if needed, to find additional funding.
  • Each organization can put in one application per year.
  • The project needs to have relevance to alternative food systems and the objectives or themes of MAFRA (see application).
  • The project should be restricted to and achievable within one year, but organizations are welcome to apply in future years for additional funding.
  • The project must include a documentation and evaluation/research component. This means you will need to record any outcomes, and indicate how and why your project has been successful.  MAFRA can help provide support for this stage, but you should have a good idea about what you might like to know about your project, program or organization before starting the project.

Projects will be evaluated using the following general criteria:

  • Community Involvement (i.e. to what degree was the community involved in the shaping of the proposal and associated work?)
  • Meaningful Outcome (i.e. is the end result of the project important to the partner and why?)
  • Community Capacity Building (i.e. to what degree does the proposal result in training and education?)
  • Evaluation/Research Component (i.e. how will the successes and challenges of the project be measured and shared with MAFRA and others?)
  • How is this work relevant to the food justice community and how will this project further the work of the food justice community?
  • How well does this project fit with MAFRA goals?

Approved Projects will be expected to:

  • Provide a summarized or brief final report, reporting how funds were spent (including receipts) and successes and/or difficulties in achieving the objectives and activities in your proposal.
  • Share the lessons learned from their project. Participating projects are strongly encouraged to participate in conferences and events to share about your project.  MAFRA has funds available to help cover the costs of travel and registration.
The application in pdf form can be found here and a Word document version can be found here.

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