Mary Newell School Garden

We want to set up a food garden in our school in addition to chicken rearing (this component will be added at a later stage, probably in the second year of gardening) with the help of teachers, students and community members, especially by involving the elders in our community, who have lots of experience and culturally appropriate skill sets. We would like to teach food production skills to our students and community members. Although the garden will be established on the school ground, it will be openly accessible to everybody in the community.

We will use the area close to the teacher’s quarters to start gardening, because we will use the water source from one of the staff quarters. When we are ready to expand, we can use the area south east of the plot to start cultivating on more area. The area on the north end, close to the school parking lot will be devoted to composting.

We will take the advice and guidance of Chuck Stensgard, the regional gardening coordinator to help us in setting up the garden. He will provide a list of plant species that grow well in cold climates to our students and allow them to pick up which species of plants they want on our school garden.

We plan to conduct a gardening workshop for our students and community members with Chuck and community elders, playing a mentorship role. It would be a 2-3 days workshop. Since all our teachers are already very much busy, we would need to appoint a gardening coordinator to take care of the day-to-day needs of the garden and ensure that all the gardening activities are carried out on time.

A portion of the fruits and vegetables harvested from the school garden will be distributed among the students. Another portion will be set aside for free distribution to the needy community members.

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