Mel Johnson School Garden Project

We have had a school garden project in operation since 2006.  In 2007, we set up a greenhouse.  The number of gardeners has steadily increased from 14 in 2006 to 73 in 2010 including six Elders.  Each has a 4’x8′ raised garden bed in their backyards.  In the fall, students bring in their produce for our harvest display and are involved in the preparation of a feast.  Students are also taught food preservation – canning jams, pickles, and salsa.  These activities instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in the students.  Due to the increase in the number of gardeners and the short growing season, we are in need of more greenhouse space.  By having a passive solar greenhouse, it will extend our growing season so we may have more produce to share with the community.  It will also provide us with more learning opportunities to share with students and community.

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