Thicket Portage School Gardening and Grow Boxes Project

Our community wants a food garden in our school. And our students want grow boxes in the classrooms. So, we want to combine the needs of the community and our school and plan for an outdoor garden, as well as grow boxes in the classroom.

Each grow box would have 4 trays and we can hang these grow boxes in the classrooms. Kids love gardening and classroom grow boxes will provide kids with a chance to nurture the plants and watch them grow. Only those classrooms that have south facing windows in the class will have classroom grow boxes installed. Teachers and students of the class would be responsible for the grow boxes inside their classroom.

The outdoor garden would be mainly used for gardening by the entire community. It will be used as an outdoor classroom, where gardening would be taught as a life skill to the students and community members. For this, we will invite community members good at gardening to come and play the role of teacher and teach gardening to community members and students. We will also hire a school garden coordinator to look after the day to day requirements of the garden.

We will have our project goals worked out in great detail, containing details about what actions are to be taken, who would be responsible for what actions, how many students, teachers and community members each activity will involve, what would be the teaching linkages, etc. This will help in evaluating out shortcomings and tell us whether the project progressed as per the plan or not. We will also have a site management plan in place, containing all information in detail about who would be responsible for what activity and during which stage.

Harvesting would be followed by distribution of produce among participant students, community volunteers and deprived community members. The surplus produce (especially from the strawberry and raspberry patch would be sold and the profits used for the development and sustenance of our garden.

We have a huge area near our school premises that we could use for gardening. We will have strict guidelines in place to prevent injury during gardening. We will also have a first aid kit ready and a person with first aid and CPR training on the spot when the kids are undertaking gardening.

In order to protect our garden from the risk of theft, vandalism, or invasion by animals, we would have a fencing, with a gateway to allow entry of participants in the garden program.

For the purpose of monitoring, the school garden coordinator will make weekly report on the gardening activity undertaken and the expenses occurring, as well as any special remarks related to the garden. I, as the Principal of the school, will make surprise spot inspections sporadically to ascertain compliance to guidelines and to authenticate the report submitted by the garden coordinator.

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