West Lynn Heights School Greenhouse Project

As a brief preamble, I would like to add that our school has been practicing gardening for the past 4 years. Gardening was being carried out inside the classrooms. This was made possible because we had lots of south facing windows. However, due to severe mold issues in school, we had to shut down gardening inside classrooms. We are now interested in restarting gardening, but this time, we want to pursue gardening in raised beds inside greenhouses, rather than inside classrooms. We would like to use these greenhouses as teaching tools and spread the spirit of gardening out into the entire community.

Basically, when we started gardening 4 years back, we had started out with a traditional “Three Sisters” type of Garden with squash, corn and beans. Simultaneously, we threw in different varieties of native fruit and vegetable plants. Our gardening project in classrooms was a huge success. Hence, we want to use some of the species that were really successful for 3-4 consecutive years in our school garden.

We want to teach gardening as a life skill to the students of our school and to interested community members. We want them to learn about aboriginal food production and preservation techniques. Through this project, we seek to empower the youth in our community with aboriginal gardening techniques to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for them in their later life.

The West Lynn Heights School Greenhouse Project will involve students, teachers, parents and community members. The community elders would be providing mentorship to the new hands and train them in gardening skills. We will take this project forward with the support of the principal and the school board.

The harvested food from the West Lynn Heights School Greenhouse Project will be used for the school lunch program, distributed among needy community members (households with sick people, children and single mothers) and also be used for hosting a school feast on the eve of thanksgiving if the garden produce is in surplus.

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