Bridging Communities Through Participatory Video: Eco-Communities in Manitoba

“Bridging Communities Through Participatory Video:  Eco-communities in Manitoba” aims to explore alternative food systems being practiced in Manitoba.  The first phase of the project will involve interviewing community members and documenting the activities that will take place at the Northern Sun Farm and Prairies Edge from May to November 2011.  For example, on top of seasonal planting and cultivation there are plans to build a root cellar and food dehydration device.  After filming, the second stage will involve editing the video and showing drafts of the video to the community members to ensure that all the voices are represented accurately in what they want to share.  The third stage will be to produce  draft video and to organize two participatory workshops in some of the most food insecure communities in northern Manitoba.  The aim is to discuss the sustainable and affordable food solutions that will be illustrated in the video, and to evaluate if these options can be introduced in northern Manitoba communities.  Discussions will be facilitated as to the video content and final documentation and editing will occur based on the feedback.

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