Procurement Policies Supporting Local and Sustainable Food Producers in Manitoba

The primary purpose of the project is to provide the information required for the Provincial and Municipal governments in Manitoba to implement local and sustainable food procurement policies. In order to provide a comprehensive collection of this information, we will:

–          Summarize the social, economic, and environmental benefits of buying local and sustainable food for government institutions;

–          Collect, analyze, and draw out key components of effective food procurement policies from Europe and North America that shift purchasing toward supporting local and sustainable food producers;

–          Clarify the various structures, mechanisms, and logistics of government food procurement in Manitoba including informal purchasing (ie. Catering for meetings), food service contracts (ie. Cafeterias), annualized contracts for food products (ie. Meat, Produce), and others as well;

–          Create a demand inventory of current Provincial and Municipal government food purchases through the analysis of information available from purchasing sources; and

–          Create a supply inventory of local and sustainable food produced in Manitoba through the analysis of existing surveys, distributor supply lists, and other relevant sources.

An important piece of this work involves engaging all key stakeholders in the food supply chain in order to identify the opportunities and mechanisms for implementation of a local and sustainable food procurement policy. By undertaking this work, we hope to strengthen the market for local and sustainable food and expedite the process of implementing a supportive food procurement policy.

Due to their significant buying power, governments in Manitoba could play a major role in stimulating rural economies and supporting local farmers and food producers by bringing fresh, local, and healthy food into their many institutions. Through this research, we will provide government institutions and food producers with the information they need to support a more sustainable Manitoba food system.

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