Healthier Food, Healthier Communities

This project aims to provide women and children in the inner city with healthy food choices when attending West Central Women’s Resource Centre.  We will provide three lunches per week using healthy food.  We will also provide healthy snacks in our drop-in area throughout the day, including breakfast foods in the morning.  This food will, when financially possible, be purchased locally.

The person preparing the lunches will be a volunteer who uses the services at WCWRC.  She will be trained in fodo preparation and how to prepare various types of local and seasonal vegetables that she may be unfamiliar with (squash, for example).  She will also receive the opportunity to complete her Food Handler’s training.  She will receive an honorarium for her work, which in turn will hopefully assist her in her food security.

As a part of this projct, three workshops and/or field trips will be provided to women who attend WCWRC on nutrition, healthy living, and local food prooduciton.  These will raise awareness about these issues, as well as provide practical tips on how to improve food choices on a tight budget.

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