Jazz for Humanity 2011

Established in 2007, Jazz for Humanity (www.jazzforhumanity.org) is a student volunteer-run project based in Winnipeg. The project’s mission is twofold. First, it works in partnership with Ubuntu Edmonton, a non-profit organization, to raise funds (over $23,000 sent since 2007) destined to encourage self-sufficiency and food security in a community of widows of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and their families living in Kimironko (Rwanda). Second, it strives to support and celebrate Manitoban artists of all media in creating change in their local communities and across the globe in Kimironko. These goals are achieved by organizing one annual event in the spring, comprised of a jazz concert, an art auction and a catered reception, all involving over eighty musicians, dancers, visual artists, culinary artists and volunteers. Both the concert and the art auction provide local upcoming artists with exposure and the opportunity to feature original works that advocate for change. The event’s catered reception is another important way of encouraging local talent through its involvement of culinary arts students. They receive the opportunity and support to independently create a menu; they acquire and practice skills needed to function in a professional catering setting while working under pressure, and they learn to collaborate with and lead a team of volunteers. In an effort to uphold the values of food security and food sovereignty present in the projects Jazz for Humanity supports in Kimironko, this year’s menu will be centered around local, ecologically and socially responsible ingredients. On June 10th, 2011 at the Manitoba Theatre Centre, Jazz for Humanity will bring its Manitoban community together for the fifth time to celebrate outstanding local achievements while driving change in Rwanda.

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