North Point Douglas Community Oven Project

This year long project proposes to build a community oven in a public space in North Point Douglas for the ongoing use of community members and groups, and to provide two components of community kitchen programming using the oven.

The oven is intended to act as a resource for educational and social programming and serve as a focal point for casual community activities. It will be a large-scale wood fired brick oven modeled after one that is proven effective and has passed safety bylaws in its jurisdiction. The decision on the oven’s location will be determined through community consultation and discussions with the city parks supervisor and park planner for the area.

The programming will be carried out in two parts. The first section, taking place in September and October of 2011, will be funded and delivered as a package by North End Food Security Network. It will consist of 6 participatory workshops focused on engaging people in using the oven and providing the information needed to do so.

The second section is pilot programming that will take place over 13 weeks from March through May of 2012.  This programming will be offered by the NPDWC as an extension of their current community kitchen programming. The programming will take place once per week, alternating between a women’s kitchen and a family kitchen. Because this programming will not be taking place until 2012 we will be identifying and applying for funding for it at a later date.

Please note: This project also includes a community art component, in which tile mosaic artwork will be made by community members and installed on the exterior of the oven. This will be funded separately from the oven building and programming. For the sake of brevity and clarity the details of this component of the project have not been included in this proposal.

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