Returning to the Land

People from the community would be offered the opportunity to acquire a Manitoba Hunter Education Certificate and/or fishing license and they would be taken to rural communities where they would be taught and supervised by experienced hunters and fishermen in hunting game and catching fish.  The guns would be provided by the hunting guide at the rural site.  The fishing equipment would be purchased and given to the participant at the end of the event.  Families with children interested in fishing would be connected to the City of Winnipeg fishing program where they would be taught to fish and a fishing rod is given to them at the end of the day.

This project provides capacity building opportunities as we ‘teach people to fish rather than just given them fish’.  Those who go fishing will learn to cast and reel in fish, how to fish with a net and how to fillet the fish.  In both experiences the participants will also be taught how to store and cook the meat. Participants involved with the hunting component would be able to go and learn how to hunt and dress the meat in a traditional Aboriginal manner.  The hope would be that the hides could be tanned and used to make items that would be marketable.  Examples would be drum hides, hides for making clothing, etc.  If these skills could be learned it would assist in filling a void in the existing market.  Many of the tanning facilities in Winnipeg have closed and so these items are costly to buy.  The meat and fish would be shared among the participants and the greater community increasing the amount of red meat available.  As those involved in the hunting project will need to stay several days near the hunting site they will also learn about setting up a camp and preparing food in an outdoor setting.

There are potentially people from the 2 ministries who have hunting and fishing experience who could be hired to help with this project. This would then provide financial benefit as well as the sharing of skills and knowledge that may not otherwise to shared too often.

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