Winnipeg Community Food Assessment

To conduct a Community Food Assessment for Winnipeg through engagement of key stakeholders from diverse sectors including community members, researchers, policy decision makers, private and non-profit sectors.  A community food assessment is an evidence-based, participatory assessment and strategic action plan examining a broad range of food-related issues and resources to inform actions to improve community food security.

The project will involve a general review of Winnipeg’s food system with in-depth assessments of two neighbourhoods with varied income levels and diverse populations including new Canadians and people of Aboriginal descent.  Information from a third neighbourhood, Winnipeg’s North End, which has completed an existing smaller scale pilot assessment, wil be included in the Winnipeg Food Assessment.  Information from additional and emerging documents such as inner city green plans could also be included.  While the steering committee will ultimately be responsible for selecting the final neighbourhoods, some examples could include but are not limited to:  Inkster East (including Shaughnessy Park), River East South (including Elmwood), and South St Vital (which has an expanding new Canadian population).

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