Here are some frequently asked questions on the MAFRA small grants.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Can an individual apply for funding?
Yes.  Both organizations and individuals are eligible.

Can the project be more than a one-year project?
The component for which you receive MAFRA funding should have clear objectives in a one year (or less) time period.  This could be part of a larger project, as long as the MAFRA component is defined within the one year.  If you receive MAFRA funding one year, you can apply again the next year as well.

Can there be other funders for the project?
Yes.  We know that our small grants may not cover the whole cost of your project.  If other funders are able to provide funds or in-kind support that is welcomed.  Please indicate this on your budget on the proposal.

Can the grant cover admin costs or salaries?

Can more than one application for funding be made in the five years?
Yes.  Each organization is limited to one application per year, but you can apply in each of the five calls for proposals.

When would the money be given to the organizations that have received grants?
When the grants are announced, MAFRA staff will immediately start working with your organization to disperse the funds.

How does the student funding work?
Student funding is distributed through our participating researchers.  This will include both student stipends and covering research costs for students.  This is outside of the funding provided in this call for proposals.

If an organization was able to work with a student, do they have to pay them out of the grant they receive?
No.  We hope to link organizations up with students, who will be working on these projects as part of their course work or with other funding (either from MAFRA or elsewhere).  While we can’t guarantee that every organization seeking to work with a student will have access to one, we will try our best to connect you.  Please indicate in your proposal what the student will be doing and what they will be able to learn as a result – this will help us identify a student for you.

How are you addressing the conflict of interest of having organizations who are applying for funding being on the granting committees?
On each funding committee there are seven members.  At a maximum, only two of these are organizations possibly applying for funding.  Hopefully this small role will mitigate conflict of interest.  But we have taken several other steps as well.  All projects will be scored by committee members and naturally if an organization or individual has a proposal in they will not score their own proposal.  An outside facilitator is being used to ensure that no individual voices can steer conversation.  And individuals or organizations with project proposals will be asked to refrain from discussion when their proposal is being discussed.

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