MAFRA Videos

These films have been prepared by community members, students, and researchers involved with MAFRA.  We hope you enjoy them!


The Meechim Project – Ian Mauro & Byron Beardy, 2015

Food for the Future 2015
2009 Highlights – Dean Rennie
Food Inc. Panel Discussion
World Food Day 2009 – Dean Rennie

A History of Co-ops in Manitoba (Canadian CED Network Gathering 2010)
Getting Food Growing in Northern Manitoba (Canadian CED Network Gathering 2010)
Growing Our Local Food System (Canadian CED Network Gathering 2010)
A History of the Indian Act (Canadian CED Network Gathering 2010)
Traditional Knowledge and Climate Change (Growing Local 2010)
Traditional Knowledge and Medicinal Plants (Growing Local 2010)

Case Studies:
Organic Food Council of Manitoba:  Supporting Healthy Environments and Healthy Communities – Dean Rennie
Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative – Colin Anderson

Food Skills:
Storing Vegetables – Dean Rennie

Is Food Security A Priority in Winnipeg – Sarah Carson
Reclaiming Agriculture for Family Farms in Oregon – Colin Anderson

Student Projects:
Alternative Food Systems in Manitoba:  Where Do They Grow From Here?
– Dean Rennie
Living Rural Communities and Environments – Sandy Anderson
Primary Producers in the North – Karlah Rudolph

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