Slots with the Best Bonus Games

In the bonus round of an online slot game, players can accumulate points and free spins. The more you play for this extra money opportunity, your chances of winning big will increase exponentially!

The bonus round is a chance to play another game within the slot’s theme, but it can be anything from symbols or animations.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Slots

The bonus round is an extra feature that can be found on some slot machines. You’ll have more success playing at five or seven reel slots than three-wheel varieties since they offer greater potential for winnings!

This list of some of the best casinos for slot players. There are thousands upon thousands of different slots available, but we’ve narrowed down our top five based on how rewarding they can be!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Slots

Monty Python and the Holy Grail was a worldwide phenomenon that still makes people laugh today. If you want to take your slot game experience up another notch, try out these jokes for size!

This slot machine features three bonus rounds inspired by famous movie clips. The Holy Grail acts as the scatter and doubles as a wild symbol on the fifth reel, making it possible for players to get some big payouts!

The cave of Caerbannog is home to some very unique and exciting bonuses that will keep players on their toes!

Game of Thrones Online Slot

Game of Thrones is a hit slot with plenty to offer, and it includes some amazing bonus features you’ll be able to explore. You can also win using all your favourite characters from the show!

The more symbols you find with Throne, the better. But be careful – if it’s not aligned correctly, your chances of winning increase exponentially!

The Microgaming slot is all about travelling to Essos and meeting with dragons. You can bet on your chances of winning by using the Gamble option, which will increase them multiple times over!

Jurassic Park Slot

In the slot, you can see parallax effects as dinosaurs come to life.

The five different bonus games in the game include T-Rex Free Spins, which are triggered by three or more fossilised mosquitoes. Each of these bonuses has its unique sound effects and cash rewards!

The bonus games are augmented with extra features like multipliers, running wilds, and split-wild symbol.

The more you bet, the bigger your win!

Thunderstruck II

Unlocking the Hall of Spins bonus round is a task that can be accomplished with three scatters or Thor’s hammer.

When this happens, you can harness the power of Loki and his mischievousness. He will grant you free spins with wild multipliers! A few weeks ago, I was surfing through YouTube videos when something caught my eye- an advertisement for “Loki Bingo.” It seems there is now a way to play games online without having gambling site links on your screen whenever someone clicks related searches about Norse mythology… which makes sense because who wants another Internet meme?

If you’re after more bonus games, here are a few other slots worth checking out: Immortal Romance (Facebook), Girls With Guns – Frozen Dawn; Monopoly Slots Reel Riches & Lucky Lady Slot Machine Company’s made-for-mobile spin-off of their famous casino game!