Top 9 Greatest Casino Jackpot Payouts

The next time you head to the casino, don’t forget all those hidden jackpots. You never know when a lucky spin or two might send your bankroll into overtime!

1. John Orchard | Largest Bingo Jackpot

Jackpots are won daily, but the following payouts have been seen as some of history’s largest pots. Each lucky winner instantly received a new life despite their odds in disguise.

1. John Orchard | Largest Bingo Jackpot

John Orchard never thought he’d win the great fortune his whole life had been leading up to. But, you know what? John is a 60-year-old Jobcentre worker from Lincolnshire, and unlike those around him who only get the perks of being in proximity with celebrities or other wealthy individuals – this grandfather became exactly what everyone wished for millionaires themselves! In December 2012, while playing online bingo at home on his computer screen, thanks to some generous.

2. “Leprechauns Luck” | Largest Mobile Jackpot

The winner of the £341k jackpot on an iPhone game could buy his family some much-needed gifts, including something for Christmas that would not fit under any average trees. He also promised himself a BMW X5 and a dream vacation in India!

3. Adrian & Gillian Bayford | Largest UK Lottery Jackpot

What are the odds of getting lucky? The UK has an estimated population size of 60 million people, but only 0.01% will find themselves as millionaires thanks to their EuroMillions winnings! In 2012 Adrian Bayford and his wife Gillian walked away from £260MILLION after choosing numbers online- making them not just wealthy trouble-free individuals who can afford any luxury they desire without worry or care for others’ opinions on how much money one person deserves over another-but also setting new records in doing so .

4. Gloria Mackenzie | Largest US Lottery Payout

The odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 175 million, but that didn’t stop one 85-year-old woman from playing. After all her years, countless numbers are drawn without any luck at transplanting wealth onto herself with an instant cash prize worth 370 thousand dollars!

5. Ashley Revell | Luckiest Roulette Jackpot

Ashley Revell, an Ohio native with a love for gambling and documentary, filmed his way to Las Vegas in 2004. He had little money but was determined to make it as a bettor and establish himself financially through betting on red at roulette tables- where luck would be surety! After arriving safely back home following several successful casino visits (including one during which he saved enough cash so that when all else fails, there’s always more), this student turned pro Grandmaster poker player revealed just what many people forget: how vital strategy truly is when playing any form of gaming…

6. Joseph Jagger| Most Profitable Roulette System

The most famous payouts at the Roulette table were earned by Joseph Jagger, who scooped a fantastic $400k – that’s a hefty chunk of change by today’s standards! He devised the “team” system and had 6 guys examine the wheel. Using this strategy based on their findings from playing numerous times together as well as monitoring which numbers came up more often than others; Charles Wells won two million francs within just 2 days period while still being known popularly through history books about him being “the man who broke the bank.’

7. Cynthia Jay | Largest Slot Jackpot

Cynthia Jay was a cocktail waitress who won the largest slot jackpot in Las Vegas. She took home almost $35 million on her favourite game, MegaBucks, at the casino’s Desert Inn location!

8. Patrick Antonius | Largest Poker Jackpot

The five most significant online poker jackpots were all won within the same week, toward the end of 2009. On Nov 21st, Patrick Antonius defeated Isildur1 for $1 356 947 at stake 500/1000 in pot-limit Omaha. Total Tilt pro was sitting on a stack of 1 26 million when he played against an unknown player who raised to 3 Mobibytes ago with AKs QJs 2 gears 7 letters KQJtleading him into what would become one of the most critical battles in the history of online gambling.

9. Viktor “Isildur” Blom | Second Largest Poker Jackpot

A few days before, Swedish high stakes poker player Isildur1 defeated Phil Ivey to win back some of his losses at the $500/$1K tables. The match started with both players holding around 563k in chips and quickly became one for the history books when they called each other’s bets all way until the end; no river meant an incredible victory by ISILDUR!